Beauty and Skincare

Signature Facials                                                         For – $70

Our Facial procedures breathe new energy for cell formation and the power of regeneration, leaving you with a complexion that is even, balanced, radiant and healthy. Our signature cleansing facial treatment is perfectly customized to meet all of your unique skin needs.

Anti Aging Facial
Need a day to feel both pampered and rejuvenated? Look no further. We tracked down the best anti aging facial to help you in fine lines to deep wrinkles.

Whitening Facial
Although it is not possible to change the natural colour and tone of your skin, experts have developed some therapies that can add an extra glow to your skin. Skin-Whitening programme includes products that make use of natural ingredients to impart glow to skin and make it look very supple and healthy.

Botanical Facial
Botanical Facial is dedicated to bringing you quality products for healthier, more attractive skin. Our products utilize the medicinal properties of organic herbs to cleanse and nourish without the use of harsh chemicals. In Botanical Facial we uses only vegan and natural ingredients products. Botanical Facial giving you a healthy choice give natural care to your face. Botanical Facial products makes the complexion appear fresher, cleaner and more youthful.


Waxing Treatments                                            For Women Only!

Essential Full Body Waxing Packages                For – $99

Package 1

Arms, Under Arm, Legs

Package 2

Brazilian, Arms, Under Arm

Package 3

Legs, Brazilian, Under Arm 


Holiday Full Body Waxing Packages                 For – $120

Package 1

Arms, Under Arm, Legs, Full Front, Brazilian

Package 2

Arms, Under Arm, Full Front, Full Back, Brazilian

Package 3

Arms, Under Arm, Legs, Full Front, Full Back 


 Other Wax Treatments
Under arm wax $ 8
Eyebrows $ 6
Upper lip & Chin $ 6
Face $ 17
Full back wax $ 25
Full front wax $ 25
Arm wax Full Arm$ 17Half Arm$ 15
Leg wax Full Leg$ 32Half Leg$ 22
Brazilian wax $ 32
Bikini wax $ 12+
Full Body wax $ 140+
Eyebrow Tinting $ 12+